Company Policy

Message from President

  Under the slogan of "challenge" based on "quality first" philosophy, Raiko Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in January 1972 as a corporation which mainly intends to conduct complex processing focusing on precision machining of industrial parts.
In 1985, we took the first step as one of the few manufacture of soft jaws with specific skills and participated in the market that was expanded by the advent of new NC lathe. Since then we have been committed to design, development, manufacture and sale of our own-brand products.

Today, we always have more than 120 different soft jaws ready correspond to various chuck manufactures.
Furthermore we take Easy Order of soft jaw which makes it possible to adjust length, width choosing from 250 kinds of basic shapes responding to customer requests, and we also take Full Order which makes it possible to correspond to specific shapes.

In May 2005, we acquired "ISO9001" certification by establishing a quality management system. Needless to say, accurate custom-made soft jaws produced in a superior technology and environment can maximize the functionality of the machine tool and contribute to improve performance.

We will continue to improve our skills on the basis of accumulated know-how and contribute to the world as a pioneer who excels at producing all forms of soft jaws by innovating advanced technology enthusiastically.
  raiko industrial co.,ltd. predident sadao tamari  

Company Profile

Company Name Raiko Industrial Co., Ltd
Address 1-44 Kamino-cho, Kasugai, Aichi, Japan
TEL 81-568-34-5260 / FAX 81-568-34-5266
Kasugai Factory No.2
(Office of General Affairs Department)
1-2 Kamino-cho, Kasugai, Aichi, Japan
TEL 81-568-33-1600 / FAX 81-568-33-7632
Established July 1980
Capital 10 million yen
President Hajime Tamari
Number of Employees 18

Company History

January 1972 Raiko Industrial was founded at 51-3 Ishida, Kusunoki-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
July 1980 Raiko Industrial Co., Ltd. was established with three million yen in capital
July 1982 The head office was relocated to 1-1506 Kusunoki, Kita-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan when the new office was build.
October 1985 Started selling soft jaws for lathe chuck under the trademark "RIK" nationwide
Jun 1993 Increased capital to 10 million yen
September 1998 The first plant was completed at 1-44 Kamino-cho, Kasugai, Aichi, Japan
January 2005 The second plant was completed at 1-2 Kamino-cho, Kasugai, Aichi, Japan
May 2005 Acquired ISO9001 certification
October 2005 Started design and fabrication of custom-made soft jaws for lathe chuck
August 2013 The head office was relocated to 1-44 Kamino-cho, Kasugai, Aichi, Japan

Business Outline

  Raiko Industrial Co., Ltd. owns the latest precision machine tools and excels at precision machining of industrial machine products focusing on development and fabrication of "soft jaws", which is the tool to grab the work that forms the basis of "making things".
We endeavor to provide a stable supply of non-defective parts discussing the details from a selection of raw materials to assembly with designers and operators. Taking advantage of the know-how accumulated since our establishment, we will expeditiously respond to any kind of needs.
Four commitments

Custom-made soft jaw

We quickly respond to special order including standard soft jaws.
Please consult with us no matter what kind of difficult work you have as we have a track record of grabbing any kind of work.

Wide range of processing technology

We are able to process non-ferrous metals, special steel, resin, and so on regardless of the kind of material. Lathing, machining, grinding, metal plating, welding, wire cutting, discharging, carving, various kinds of heat treatment and surface treatment are possible. They are also possible for the sub-ASSY of mechanical parts. It will prevent from resulting in defects after assembly and contribute for customer’s cost reduction.

Quality control

We carry out thorough quality control at each step and our motto is not to ship a defective product.


Processing is available from one piece. Please use as your second plant.

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